Marketing is Harder than Writing :)

On reflection I often think that writing a book is actually easier than the marketing of it. But needs must.  The latest avenue I have found is WattPad… a free reading site that is here… Go check it out.
There are thousandsPull Up Banner of books serialised on there for no cost at all.

I also have a Thunderclap promotion running, click here to join in – Just a note on that, you have to select support via Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr (or all three). But crawling rather then running might be a better description as there are a few more clicks needed to make it work… but much more brightly, I am off to the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival on Friday 29 May for three days and am really looking forward to it.  Check it out here and if you are in Western Australia come and visit. John Marsden and many other writers will be attending and it promises to be a great weekend. In preparation for it I even had a really swish pull-up banner made.


To round off the next ten days I will also be having the “Library Launch” of Face Value in the Capel Library so again, if you are in WA, come along to it. Details here.


Ian Andrew
Whilst listening to Alison Krauss (A Hundred Miles or More)


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