Swinging Low…

I was just bringing 2015 to a quiet and relaxed closure by spending the day lying in front of no-brain TV, snacking and drinking. Kinda perfect on some days 🙂 Then just outside, in the shade of our “Buddha Tree”, I noticed another family were doing much the same. Minus the TV. Wonder what she sees in him?


Ian Andrew

Ian Andrew is the author of the alternative history novel A Time To Every Purpose and the detective thriller Face Value. Both are available on Amazon. Follow him on social media:

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One thought on “Swinging Low…

  1. Hi Ian
    Sorry I don’t have any answers re the behaviour of the lovely kangas, but am commenting on posts as part of the Blogging 101 exercise or challenge for the week – i.e. to comment on posts of interest to increase the network.
    I attended one of your publishing workshops in December and found it very useful – thank you
    look forward to more posts …


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