Memorial Day 2015 – I Still Miss Him

The American Military Cemetery – Madingley, England

Just outside Cambridge, England there is a little piece of the USA. Held in perpetuity, in honor of her people who gave their lives during WWII. mad2I knew him. His heart beat, Continue reading


Bali Images

Hi, I’m back home and chilling out (literally, it’s cold compared to Bali). New house is STILL being built, much, much more of that later in the world according to me. (Later, after they’ve finally finished and cleared “off my land”). 

But, for now, have a simple blog entry of pleasant photos from a very relaxing few days of beaches and beautiful, friendly people.

Ian Andrew
Whilst listening to Adam Brand (What a life).

A Walk in the Park


Kings Park Kookaburra, August 2014

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how blessed we are living in places that have beautiful spaces, parks and nature reserves, (let alone democracy, freedom, civil rights and caramel crunch ice cream). I know there are things wrong with every nation and yes there are many, many issues in Australia that make you weep (not least our last few Prime Ministers, of every political persuasion), but sometimes it is worth reflecting on the good. Today we went for a walk in Kings Park, Perth and nope I didn’t miss the apostrophe, it was officially dropped from the name in the early 20th Century. Apart from the grammatical ambiguity, it is a remarkable place with a remarkable history.

Prior to the Europeans turning up the area was used by the local Nyoongar people who had campsites and hunting grounds on it stretching back some 40,000 years. Continue reading

Canon fodder

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day of sunshine, bright blue skies and an outbreak of early (very early) spring weather. Yes, Spring! It’s all back to front in the Southern Hemisphere. So, armed with the new camera I decided to see if I could still remember how to take photos. The results vary:

A yellow flower

First efforts with the new camera… Yep, a yellow flower!

Digital ones and knots

Given the title of the blog I was thinking that I might just need to update my faithful old camera. That’s not to say that the wonderful iPhone or iPad couldn’t take reasonable shots and be faithful workhorses (it was an iPhone5 that took the sunset on the left) but all in all I thought I should Sunset from the Ridgeprobably start to think about getting back into a bit of “proper” photography. Continue reading